The inclusion of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in the mainstream education system is a critical issue faced by educational staff worldwide. In response to this challenge, a new handbook aimed at promoting inclusive education of students with SEND has been developed under the I_AM project.

The handbook comes in four languages, English, Greek, Hungarian and Polish and includes five modules that address multiple aspects of inclusive education, including:

    • basic information,
    • developmental needs of children with SEND,
    • observation methods,
    • working in a diverse group, and
    • emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Each module is divided into 6 parts to make the material easy to follow and understand. These parts include the aim of the module, the effects of the training module, basic knowledge about the module topic, examples of exercises and case studies, a self-test to assess knowledge and skills, and suggestions for additional materials and literature.

The I_AM handbook aims to provide educational staff with the necessary knowledge and resources to promote the inclusion of students with SEND in mainstream education. It is a result of the collaborative efforts of the Maria Grzegorzewska University (PL), the Open University of Cyprus, the Institute of Studies and Research in General and Special Education (GR), and the Hand in Hand Foundation (HU), with the support of the coordinating partner CMT Prooptiki (GR) and PLATFORMΑ-Urban Culture Co/ Animasyros Festival (GR).

An asynchronous learning course is also accompanying the handbook, that offers a more interactive experience for trainees who prefer not to read large texts.

This handbook is a valuable resource for any educational staff member who wants to improve their knowledge and skills related to inclusive education, so could better support students with SEND in the classroom and beyond.

Find the handbook in your language under the ‘Resources’ section on the website!