Today, within the actions of the I_AM program occasioned by the world bullying prevention day, Animasyros in collaboration with Maria Grzegorzewska University tells us the story of a small giraffe in the Amazon, through an impressive video animation, entitled “clementine”.

Clementine’s life, although it seems ideal at first sight and it is full of games, joy, and laughter, it also has several difficulties. Her classmates at school marginalize and make fun of her. And why is that; Because she lacks brown spots on her body. But her life will soon change, when one day a shy lion, Tarry, comes to her school. The new student was as special as Clementine and quickly caught her eye. That day the class teacher began telling them a story about a lion, like Tarry in the African savannah, who rescued its inhabitants from a deadly tornado. After she completed her story, all the students began to wonder if Tarry could do the same. The teacher quickly rushed to answer their question, explaining that the moral of the story is not the heroic act of the lion but the fact that a lion different from all the others, managed to become a hero. She also added that we should not bully people who are different from us, as each of us is special and can offer different things to society and How do you believe the story ended? Did the teacher’s fairy tale manage to sensitize the students and stop them from bullying Clementine or not?