In April, the I_AM project educational program on inclusive education was completed. The training programs, which took place in four European countries – Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, and Poland – were completed with great success and managed to inform and raise the awareness of many participants.

  • In the online and in-person seminars using interdisciplinary and interactive methods participated 150 educators in Greece, 40 educators in Cyprus, 54 educators in Poland, and 32 educators in Hungary.
    The training was divided into 5 educational modules with the following topics:
    Module 1: Inclusive education – Basic information
    Module 2: Developmental needs of children with SEND
    Module 3: Observation as a method of collecting information about students ’special needs
    Module 4: Abilities of working in a diverse group
    Module 5: Teachers ’and students’ emotional intelligence and communication skills

  • Cyprus managed to hold 3 online webinars, which lasted 4 hours, and where the 5 sections of the program were presented.
  • Greece, due to the high number of participants, held 2 training courses. Each course consisted of 3 online training sessions, lasting a total of 12 hours.
  • Poland organized a face-to-face workshop, through which the participants acquired basic knowledge about inclusive education and were taught certain abilities to work in a diverse group.
  • Hungary held 2 workshops which also include the 5 training modules of the programs. At the first workshop, the participants were taught basic information about inclusive education which lasted 4 hours and during the second the participants were trained in the other modules, which lasted 8 hours.

Moreover, the I_AM program in collaboration with Animasyros conducted 5 online workshops in Greece -Cyprus- Hungary, and Poland and aimed to teach animation techniques that can be used as teaching tools.

The webinars gathered a wide number of participants – 173 participants in total – and each lasted a total of 4 hours.

As part of the webinar, participants created their own animation stories for inclusive education and turned the theoretical knowledge they were taught from their country’s and Animasyros webinars into interactive learning materials, which they can now integrate into their teaching process.

“Its goal, which was achieved in full, was to support the education of children with disabilities and/or special educational needs without exclusions, through an innovative person-centered, interdisciplinary and artistic approach, implemented in Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, and Poland. » is one of the many feedbacks we receive daily from the program participants and makes us believe that another training course has accomplished its mission.

√ To all the trainers who managed to inform and raise awareness with a lot of effort, and appetite

√ To the organizers of the program that made this project possible: IMEGEE, the Open University of Cyprus, the Hand in Hand Foundation, The Maria Grzegorzewska University, the √PLATFORMΑ-Urban Culture, CMT Prooptiki,

√ And to all of you who participated and supported our program.