Within the framework of the I_ΑΜ project, Animasyros in cooperation with Hand in Hand Foundation, Hungary created an educational video animation, named ‘All abroad. Main ideas came from Imre Tunyogi, an expert by experience who is successful in slam poetry.

Based on the common experiences, the team wanted to show how inclusion in a group looks like, so the main character – a mouse with hidden disability – is playing in a music band with fellow musicians. The band is starting their tour abroad by bus, and at the beginning we can see that the mouse is lonely, he has no friends at all. During their journey the band faces many challenges: their bus broke down, they are missing the ferry, they need to give a performance together… . Luckily they can come over these situations because during their travel they got to know each other and doing so, each member of the group could help when it was needed.

Movie shows that sometimes it takes some time – and a little courage – to ask questions and learn about each other, and if we do so, our differences can lessen and we can start cooperate very efficiently. At the end of the adventures the band is having a good time, reaches success together.

We hope the animation will help to start discussions in classrooms about how we can overcome similar challenges during our daily life and give chances to every member of a group.