Within the framework of the I_ΑΜ project, Animasyros in cooperation with IMEGEE created an educational video animation, named ‘’The suitcase’’. Τhe video animation was projected for the first time in Greece on December 11, in honor of the International Day of Persons with disabilities. The target was binary. The creators not only aimed to raise awareness and sensitize students all around Greece towards children and people with special needs and disabilities but also to reduce inequity in schools. The key elements of the video are the main character and the suitcase. Moreover, the protagonist doesn’t have a name, nor a specific age or gender, so viewers can associate the image of the main character with their selves or the people around them. The suitcase, symbolize ‘’the burden’’ of having a disability, despite its nature and breed.

The video occurs at the train station, where the main character waits for the train to arrive to get to his/her school. On his/her way to the train platform, he/her comes across all kinds of disabled people, who are also carrying a suitcase. As he/her pass by them, it seems that his/her suitcase fills with their feelings and experience and the burden of the suitcase seems to become heavier. As he approaches the train platform, he also begins to fill the suitcases of the passers-by with his/her burdens. In the end, the protagonist arrives at school, leaves his suitcase outside the schoolyard with the rest of the suitcases, and happily joins his/her school friends.

All things considered, why do you believe that the main character’ suitcase is getting filled with the burdens of the people he comes across and why he/her leaves his/her suitcase outside the school’s front door?

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